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When Time Matters

Site survey times can be reduced by 50% and intermediate remodeling eliminated, reducing overall design time by up to 20%.

Professionalism Guaranteed

Our onsite technicians work professionally to minimize disturbances to on-going operations within the building and our deliverables are completed on time and within budget.

Project Videos

Examples of Our Work

Brooklyn Courthouse

As-built documentation of facade

St Elizabeth’s Hospital

As-built documentation of historic structures

Urban Outfitters HQ
Philadelphia Naval Yards

As-built documentation of detailed historical surfaces and space

Optira Inc. is a leader in the field of intelligent Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Our business is based on the usefulness and power of validating ‘what is’, so our customers can achieve ‘what can be’, in a 3D data set for internal analysis. Optira is committed to consistently providing value-added benefits, while maintaining the highest technical quality of as-built services. We are dedicated to owner’s collaborative responses in the Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) world.

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